Reclaim Your Wild – Workshop at YOGAFEST!

Today, I stood near the tall oaks and pines of my childhood forest, and heard the woods breathe a sigh of relief and freedom. I remembered the soft, silent sounds of the leaves in the forest, and the wild, roaring storms and winds. I miss my woods. And yet, they’re always with me, embodying my being, and directing what I do and how I do it.

I am a yoga teacher.

I’m also a corporate recruiter, embodyworker, hunter/shaman and five elements practitioner. I’m figuring out how to be in many worlds at once – walking the corporate 9-5 job, being part of a city and society and being deeply connected to animals, woods, nature and my own spirit.

As part of my practice, I have been attending YogaFest for the past few years, up at the wonderful restorative space that is Song of the Morning in Vanderbilt, Michigan.

I am honored to share my practicing of reconnecting with wild spaces within, this year, at YOGAFEST!

Sometimes, we just need to reclaim our wild spaces. Reconnect to nature to pull on the deep resource from within. Feel, move, express and be wild, authentic and free.

I am practicing my practice to teach the arts of being present to your emotions, feel and connect to nature around you and find an empowered and balanced space from within. Reclaim your wild by slowing down, grounding and moving energy to feel your RAWR and be free and authentic in your daily interactions.

In this workshop, we will explore specific energy increasing yoga sequences, wild meditation focused on wholeness with nature and the plant/animal spirits around us, call on the support of nature spirits around us, and learn ways to take your reclaimed RAWR back to work and play with simple daily practices.

Join me at Song of the Morning on Friday, July 31st in the tipi! Stay for the entire weekend and experience many different types of yoga and yoga related practices, including workshops with Belinda of Just B Yoga and Kelly and Tatianah of Sacred Breath Healing Studies.


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