Thoughts on Challenge

We’re getting a brief respite from Winter here in Lansing, Michigan. The fields are mostly clear of snow. It’s been 45 degrees the past few days. False Spring. And it adds a note of green desire into the cold Winter air.

I’ve been managing a lot of challenge and frustration lately, and I heard a great concept from one of my teachers today. She heard it from one of her teachers.

If there is no challenge, where is the motivation to change?

Without challenge and uncomfortableness and frustration, there can be no reason or desire to change anything.

Like a washing machine, we must be agitated to process and scrub and refine. Wipe the mirror clean. Let the waves on the lake settle. Use a fine sugar scrub to take off dead skin and molt yo’self.

If everything were easy, we would stay in that state. The body constantly moves and adjusts to maintain a state of equilibrium. So, too, do our minds and energies. Frustration and uncomfortableness can have a purpose. Move toward the discomfort, and see what transforms.


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