Sacred Sexuality and Healing Arts: Blurred Lines

On my Wildwood Healing Arts Facebook page, I post about awesome events in our local community. YogaFest. Yoga Workshops. Cacao Ceremonies. Dance Church. Fetish Playshops. Wait, what?

I find myself hesitating to share sex-oriented playshops and events. Why? What is the stigma, the stickiness, the hold up or hesitation to SHARE authentically and thoroughly?

It feels like we have a hard line in our society. “Normal” activities are OK. Nakedness? Sexuality? Not okay. Taboo. Bad. Negative. Evil. Scary. But, that is not true. We have been taught a lie.

Our bodies are sacred. This is my earth suit, my temple, and I shall make a PRACTICE to love and adore it from birth to death.

We all exist in this very present moment because two people got together and had sex. Because of sex, we exist. Without sex, we do not exist. Almost all critters on this planet exist because of the act of sex – two beings – coming together and creating. It is our nature. It is in our blood. Yet, we distance ourselves from it, create shame and pain and “badness” around what is normal, lovely and yes, sacred.

Going forward, I will be sharing, creating and inviting the community to friends’ events around sexuality, intimacy and exploration. I am working on creating safe space for group discussion and process of sacred sexuality. I am stepping into sacred intimacy coaching. Open heart, open mind, breathe and release shame and invite love and understanding. One love. ❤


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