Destigmatizing Sexual Energy

“It’s intimacy and touch, not sexual, just intimacy”

“Touch doesn’t have to be sexual”

“It isn’t sexual, just energy”

I invite you to take a second overview of the way we talk about “sexual energy” vs. “OK energy”. This past week, I have heard many references to “OK energy” being cuddling touch, gentle touch, dance touch and more. The words that have been used put “sexual energy” into the realm of “bad/not OK”.

When we say that something is good touch or energy, but not sexual, we’re automatically putting a good VS. bad ideology into the world.

Humans are innately sexual beings. Most of us exist today because someone had sex. Sexual energy exists. It is what we DO with it, the boundaries and containers we hold, that can lead to “good” or “bad” actions.

Energy is energy is energy. It exists. It can be channeled. It is not good or bad. It is.

A massage or cuddle session can hold sexual energy, AND, that energy does not have to result in negative action or consequence. Boundaries and agreements enable us to channel our energy in ethical and appropriate ways. There is an agreement between massage therapist and massage recipient. There is an agreement between professional cuddler and client. There is an agreement between the grocery store clerk and the person checking out in line. Some agreements are implicit…strong agreements are discussed, disclosed and demystified.

I invite you to notice when you hear sexual energy classified as automatically bad, and invite a change of words. Can we be OK with our nature as sexual beings while maintaining that safe and healthy boundaries and agreements can and do exist? What expansiveness can be found inside of a positive association with sexual energy? Energy is energy is energy.



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