Practice Tools: Use DAILY

It is a helluva time to be an American. Scratch that, it’s a hard time to be a human. An awake or aware or practicing human. There are many difficult shitty things happening. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s a completely legitimate feeling to be overwhelmed, angry and fearful.

And within that space, how can we turn down the volume of the fear, so that we can keep doing the work we need to do…to support ourselves, to support each other, to support our planet and awakening and healing?

I find that my practice is in little bubbles around my daily life. Yes, there are grandiose practices like an hour of seated meditation or a two hour ecstatic dance class or a long walk in the woods with my dog. And, daily life does not necessarily allow for such luxuries. We drop our practices when we we get busy. We don’t have time. We have a family, kids, pets, careers, jobs…the list goes on. We stop going to yoga. We stop working out. We stop the momentum of our lives as we get “busy”.

When we get busy is exactly the time we need to keep practicing. 

We must find a way to keep practicing so that when shit hits the fan – and it will for all of us – we have resources…we have tools…we can stabilize and rebuild and ground and fly. Tools are only there when you need them if you build them. Most of us did not drive a car perfectly the first time. We were not “sureshot” when we first picked up a bow. It takes practice. It takes diligence. It takes commitment and building. Then, when we need to hit our mark…when we need to drive well…we can. When we need to calm down, to gather our strength, to collect our sense of purpose and being…we can.

Practice tools. Use them. They are not “in case of emergency please break glass” kinds of tools. They are meant to be used on the daily.

Eating nourishing foods.
Cleaning our *space* physical and spiritual.
And so much more…

We must practice. When we don’t want to. When it’s too early. When it’s hard to squeeze in. How do we do this? Work it ALONGSIDE your busy routine.

Affirmation mantras in the shower or while brushing your teeth. I am worthy. I am courageous. I am powerful.

Squats in front of the microwave while you heat up your lunch. Gentle and slow and mindful and strong.

Dancing while you wash the dishes. Pop on your favorite jam. Dance with your legs and your arms and let the dishes be your most brilliant audience.

Grounding visualizations when you wash your hands. Trees. Rooting into the earth. Seeing the sunshine through the dark boughs of the pines.

Small things. All the time. Support. Practice. Daily practice. We’ve got this.

Not sure where to start? PDF of a top 10 list – and – schedule private sessions with me by emailing – and – attend my next workshop at Align Divine on February 24th!



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