I’m Emily – Sacred Intimacy Coach, Acudetox Specialist, Shaman Priestess, body worker, yoga teacher, five elements practitioner, city chicken owner and recruiter/HR Lady. I’ve spent over 10 years in “Corporate America” and five years exploring energy work, yoga and a lifetime of being wild. I am practicing my practice to teach the arts of being present to your emotions, feel and connect to nature around you and find an empowered and balanced space from within.

I grew up on 50 acres of woods in the middle of Michigan. My days were spent listening to the wind in the leaves, searching for salamanders and frogs, and inspecting moss and wintergreens. I feel called by those woods to continue to teach and practice finding wild spaces to reconnect with, to re-ground ourselves and shake off the anxiety, fear and panic that our society creates.

I teach from an embodied perspective. This means that I believe in full being healing. In order to heal, we must work with the mind, body and spirit. You cannot separate yourself into components! It is crucial that all aspects of your being are considered when healing trauma or working through false beliefs.

Clients work with me to find:

– Reduction in anxiety or stress
– Powerful energy realignment
– Restoration of body, mind and spirit
– Connection with self, through wilderness and shamanism
– Balance in multiple aspects of your life
– Renewed energy and less fatigue
– Greater access and awareness to emotions stored within the body (for example, healing trauma)
– Processing and moving energy and emotions

I hold a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Saginaw Valley State University and a Masters in the Arts of Cultural Psychology from the University of Chicago.

My Thai bodywork certification is from my training intensive with Kelly Sinta of Samsara Wellness Center. In 2014, I apprenticed in Thai bodywork with Kelly Kempter of Kaizen Healing Arts. In 2015, I began studying Five Elements theory, pulse and tongue diagnosis with Abby Humphrey in Ann Arbor. I studied Shiatsu practice and theory with Frances Farmer of Five Element Shiatsu.

My Sacred Sexuality Shamanic Apprenticeship was with Leslie Blackburn.

I am a certified Acudetox Specialist and trained with Virginia June at White Wolf Healing.

I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Hilltop Yoga.  Beyond that foundational training, I have studied with Sybil Shelton-Ford of As You Are Yoga  (Teen Yoga Certification) and Nikki Myers (Y12SR Leadership Certification). I have taken workshops in Michigan and beyond, on Ashtanga yoga, trauma-informed yoga, PTSD and veteran yoga and kids yoga.

I am constantly training, practicing and living. Currently studying with Leyolah Antara and Stephen Jenkinson. Currently reading and learning and practicing in the realms of sacred intimacy, shamanism and more.


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