Gratitude to our clients and workshop participants for their reflections!

“Thankful for Just B Yoga and Emily Dryzga for a beautiful, healing workshop. It really pulled me back from the brink after months of unrelieved anxiety and sadness. All the light and love for reminding of the importance of my much-neglected yoga practice.”

My militant self-care was attending Emily Dryzga’s ‘Reclaiming Your Wild’ workshop at Just B Yoga and it was wonderful. It was just what I needed. Feeling all the feelings and taking note of the small things I can do to (restore and?) maintain sanity both at work and outside of work.

Today was the first time in a very long time that I have allowed myself the time and space to let my mind clear. I saw a version of myself that I hope to see more of. But, I know I have to purposefully take those steps to find/be that person again. I think I’m up for the challenge.”

“Thank you for providing a wonderful, thought-provoking workshop.”

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