Thai/Shiatsu Bodywork

Thai and Shiatsu style bodywork mix with movement, yoga, energy, shamanism and emotion work practices to bring Wildwood Healing Arts to life!

Wildwood Healing Arts offers fully clothed, mat-based holistic bodywork. Thai and Shiatsu focus on range of motion, energy lines, compression and joint work. Hands, elbows, knees and more open the flow of energy through the body. These practices work with joint mobility, target reflexology and acupressure points, and assist clients into deep yoga-like stretches.

Thai-Shiatsu bodywork sessions allow my energy and body to work with yours to take the white water rushing rapids of energy and tense muscles and blood streams and craft a calm, winding brook. Chinese five elements theory utilizes the elements of metal, water, earth, fire and wood to understand physical and energetic changes within the body. I use these practices to help restore your body, mind and spirit.

60 minute Bodywork session – $60
Great session for your first time every receiving mat-based bodywork! We will focus on energy lines of the body while laying down, usually face up, on a well padded mat. This hour could include postures from seated, side lying and prone positions. Perfect for folks who are just starting to try out this “massage” or “bodywork” thing! Great tune up session.

90 minute Bodywork session – $90
Good bodywork is slow and mindful. Allow me to slow down as we work to compress, lengthen and move your muscles. 90 minutes is enough time to smooth out energy lines and allow for a focus on key areas of the body.

30 minute Thai herbal compress – $25 (may also be added to any bodywork session)

Email, text or call to schedule your appointment! 989-397-3616



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